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Hi, I’m Dr. Indermohan Khandelwal (Dr. IMK), a radiologist turned, India's leading dream body & weight coach. I’m on a mission to redefine the healthcare and education system by creating a new breed of empowered working professionals to live a happy, healthy, prosperous and spiritual lifestyle using "Swasthya Santulan System".

“All progress takes place outside the comfort zone.”

  • You need to learn the art of "SANTULAN" and practice it in every sphere of the life, to be in best state of health always.
  • Mindset, exercise, diet, sleep, sunlight, breathing pattern are few of the important things that you need to balance and integrate these with a "healthy lifestyle" to fix most of your health problems, foremost being overweight.
  • Through "SWASTHYA SANTULAN SYSTEM" I will make you understand and share my WISDOM with you, that I have acquired by studying, experiencing, sweating a whole lot in treks, parks or even on yoga mats. 
  • By following my Swasthya Santulan System step by step, you are on a fail proof journey provided you learn and implement with your actions.
  • This will give you faster results and also you won't have to struggle the way I had to! 
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  • From 95 kgs to 69 Kgs following Swasthya Santulan System in 6 months.
  • Achieved my first version of Dream Body & Weight and now refining it more!
  • Able to maintain it over almost 2 years now.
  • All the dimensions of my life are strengthened "HOLISTIC PROGRAMME".
  • Transformed persona.
  • Now am more organized, calm, happy, joyful, stronger, healthy, confident, medicine free and with better immunity.”
  • Better time manager with lots of family time and trips together!
  • Invested in and worked in lots of personal development in the pain areas.
  • Solution focused.
  • Lifelong learner.

Dr Indermohan Khandelwal
11 April 2023

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